Guided tours

There are different possibilities to travel through Bergman’s Skåne films. 

Pop in at the Malmö Opera, where Bergman worked when it was a theatre, continue to Lund and admire the impressive Cathedral that is the goal for the road trip in Wild Strawberries. Stroll around in the park at Jordberga castle and feel the magic and commotion from the endless night in Smiles of a Summer Night. Join a guided tour through Helsingborg with easily identified locations from A Lesson in Love and To Joy. Or come on a guided picnic excursion to beautiful nature reserve Arilds nabb (A Lesson in Love, To Joy, Sawdust and Tinsel). Hike in, or go on a cruise to Hovs hallar and feel the power from the majestic scenery where Bergman created The Seventh Seal and Hour of the Wolf. Stand in front of the pond at Norrviken Gardens and imagine Jarl Kulle show up with a swan on his head just as in All these Women.

Customize your own tour in Ingmar Bergman’s Skåne exactly as you want it, after having ”shopped around” on this sight. Or book one of the existing tours which are already bookable with our cooperating guides: in the north and in the south.

Foto: Ingrid Persson Skog