Hello Bo Andersson, photographer and manager of Malmö City Archives’ photography and film section! 

1. What does your work involve and how does this relate to Bergman? 

In my role as Photographer, I’m responsible for the photography and film section at Malmö City Archives. This includes around 3.5 million pictures and more than 600 film titles. Our Bergman-related material comes to around 1800 pictures, including those featuring Bergman himself and/or the actors who have appeared in his films or other productions.

2. Who were the photographers? 

In most cases, Skåne-Reportage took the pictures. Alice Stridh was one of Bergman’s photographers at Malmö City Theatre.

3. Where are the photos kept? 

The pictures are kept in Malmö City Archives’ climate-controlled photo repository at Malmö Frihamn. 

4. Some of these were exhibited last spring at Malmö City Archives as part of the Bergman centenary celebrations. What can you tell us about that exhibition? Are there any new plans to show the photos?

The year before the exhibition, we acquired a number of photos from Malmö City Theatre 1944-73, which we then sorted and registered before putting them on show just in time for the Bergman Centenary. Since this year marks 75 years since the opening of Malmö City Theatre, we’re also planning a new exhibition, which will include some of the same material.

5. Which of the photos linked to below is your favourite – and why?

The pictures from A Lesson in Love showing examples of Bergman’s presence as a director.

The fantastic photos from Malmö City Archives can be seen here:

Malmö Stadsarkiv